Hello World … a World Where Every Idea Can Have a Digital Stage

Applications Studio Inc.
3 min readMar 1, 2021

We are Applications Studio and our mission is to make it easy for everyone to easily, quickly and inexpensively create and manage a consistent digital presence for their ideas. We are a team of serial entrepreneurs who are adamant about one thing: Ease of use.

Why — Businesses, small and large need a digital presence that supports online financial transactions. In 2020 retail ecommerce sales grew between 17% in Western Europe, 188% in North America and 22% in Eastern and Central Europe according to prof Galloway (https://medium.com/@profgalloway). Business Insider sees mobile commerce growing at 25.5% CAGR. At this rate, by 2024 m-commerce will represent 44% of e-commerce. Small and medium businesses however do not have the resources or the risk appetite to set shop in the e-world. Building a mobile app requires significant upfront expense, long and uncertain development cycles and an ever-painful maintenance process across multiple operating systems. We believe all ideas should be able to get a voice, ideas should compete on their own merits, not on whether they can get a chance to perform on the digital stage.

What — We created APPS, a platform making it easy for everyone, from a simple idea, to an MVP, to a startup and to an established business, to create and manage their digital presence. On APPS you can create and make available an app within minutes without requiring any codding knowledge. The app will be available in PWA format and publishable on IOS and Android. You can test the app with friends for a week for free and after that can operate it for as low as the prices of two coffees a month. You can fully manage the content of the app through an easy to use, online CMS.

How — Our technology stack is based on Flutter (https://flutter.dev/). We believe in natively compiled apps and OS independence. Our team started to work in Flutter before the beta release of Flutter and we honed our skills ever since. Despite having to solve unique problems inherent to pre-production technologies, we remained committed to Flutter and the lessons learned are invaluable. Our technology stack enables us to deliver significantly lower development times and service costs and our roadmap capitalizes on the many great things coming out in Flutter in the future.

After working hard on the platform for a year, today we come out of stealth mode excited to share it with the World. We are fortunate to already have customers and we are fortunate to already have developers contributing to the platform. We see both customers and developers as partners, we all succeed together. This is why we purposefully share into the early risks of their ideas while planning to grow together with them.

We know you would like to dig deeper into APPS than this brief introduction and we promise to answer many of the likely questions in the upcoming blogs however, we want to clear one thing right away: Yes, we deliver the value proposition of no-code services but we aim to and believe we do offer more than that. APPS is a platform useful to both end users and developers. Our vision is big but matched by a big passion and a technology that can support it.

We have a limited number of seats on our beta. So hurry and sign up!