Bigger, Better, Mobile

Applications Studio Inc.
2 min readJan 25, 2022

Well the time has come for Applications Studio to go to market, more specifically the market of Shopify users who need a mobile app. We invested in getting Shopify certified because we believe the need is there, the need to take the ecommerce storefronts into the mobile space.

Our GTM ambitions and anxieties aside, let us talk about the reasons why we believe Shopify storefronts need a mobile app, especially now that it is realistic for anyone to have one. If you want your store to grow bigger and operate better, ultimately to survive and thrive, it needs to go mobile.


Growing your business cannot rely on clicks, we should know by now that regardless of how creative your latest campaign is, it will hit decent number in the first week and then will fizzle out, with potential customers rapidly becoming immunized to your clever approach. Your business will grow by enabling your customer to use her phone to constantly discover you, by building a relationship with each customer. Monetization growth will naturally come. Research shows mobile apps generate 3x higher conversion rates than a mobile responsive webpage. These are metric you can work with versus the constantly shifting target of key word selection and budgeting. A mobile app will grow your business, it will grow in the metrics that matter not the ones that could easily be inflated with fleeting clicks.


To operate your business better, you must engage your community, your customers and to do that you need two key ingredients: 1. Understand your customers and 2. Have the means to communicate with them in an effective, personalized way. Mobile apps provide significantly more detailed and meaningful analytics about users (in our case, since your mobile app has a dedicated backend, the data is private). Mobile apps allow you to personalize content and message it directly at the right time using push notifications. This level of engagement builds loyalty. research shows that 46% of consumers are less likely to shop around for options when they use a mobile app.


All numbers aside, deep down we all know a native mobile app is what a business needs to thrive. We know that from our daily experience. We spend more time on mobile devices than on desktops and do 75% of our purchases on mobile devices. Combine this overwhelming statistic with the previous two and the math is clear. Having a webpage nice, it is quaint, it is like having a nice vinyl we bought years back when we were told everyone should have it. Day to day however, we need our playlists, our personalized playlists on our mobile device. That is our World where we take refuge, where we are pragmatic and where we indulge. Mobile is the new web so if cost is not an issue then why wait?